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Travel is covering a short or a long distance by different by people or different objects such as boats, train, airplanes etc. Travelling is something that makes you achieve your destiny.Travelling is actually a universal exercise. It is actually practiced by almost every human being on this planet either on a small level or on a big level but it is there somewhere in our lives and is done somehow. Thus we can say that travelling is in our every course of life.

Why one travels?

One travels everyday covering a distance, a distance which can be small to cover just few kilometers or a distance which can be big enough to cover the deepest oceans and highest mountains. One travels for different purposes. It can be due to some job (the distance from your home to working place or if you have a job that requires travelling e.g. an ambassador) or one may travel because for relaxation on a nice enjoyable holiday (a trip to Hawaii) or religion can be also one of the reasons of travelling (religious pilgrimages such as Hajj performed by the Muslim community).

Importance of Travelling

Travelling is very important to get out of a boring and a dull routine. Even when you are at your home, when you are extremely bored, you will like to go on a long drive. Moreover, travelling is very important in order to make new social and cultural relationships. In fact travelling is very important for interpersonal relationship as well as international relationships which are not required only within a country but they are also required out of a country in order to make an agreement for example trade when it comes to international relationship or marriage when it comes to interpersonal relationship.

Did you ever actually imagine a life without travelling? Everyone will be nothing more than a robot. There will be no inner state relationship neither there will be any state relationship existing between two countries. Now that will be a big hinders for any country and any country will not able to survive like this or it will not be able to at least prosper like this. In short we can say that there is actually no life without travelling.

History of Travel

Travelling as we look back in history was much difficult. People used to cover long distances with carts, camels, horses. Mostly animals were used for travel there were no trains, cars, buses, airplanes or ships to facilitate or entertain the traveler. The passages that were used were not that safe at that time. People used to take travelling as a burden. Therefore there were lesser interpersonal and international relationships. But with the passage of time travelling started taking a totally new shape.

Travelling Today

Travelling today is very easy and comfortable as we have transport that is highly technical and is designed in a way that attracts us towards travelling. Travelling is no longer a burden but it is actually enjoyed in almost all parts of the world. Travelling is now safer than it used to be in the history.