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Where to study tourism? €" Certainly in Antalya.
Under the heading "Interview of the Week" journalist of "KompasGida" talked with the rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, Mr. V.M. Bikkenev.

KG: Victor M., please tell us when and how the Tourism Academy had appeared in Antalya.

VM: Educational center «EDUANT», on the basis of which the Academy exists, was established in 2000. When was the obvious increase in the interest of young people to education in the tourism and hospitality, and the professions related to tourism have become increasingly popular, when we decided to open a college of tourism. Turkey is one of the leading countries in providing high quality service for leisure travelers around the world. And where else to study tourism, if not here? The International College of Tourism started his operating process.
Today, we are not restricted only to college, we provide wide range of educational services in the tourism and hospitality, so The Academy of Tourism appeared in Antalya.

KG: What is specific in Academy of Tourism Antalya?

V. M.: In our Educational Institution we provide Education both in Russian and English languages. Honestly, the Academy of Tourism of Antalya €" is the only one foreign educational center, there students getting education in Russian. Valedictorian with not a good level of English, but wishing to get education in a foreign country, can get it here in Russian, and practicing English. Thus, student is better involved into educational process, for him it's easier to adapt to the country.

We are using educational programs of EI-AH&LA (Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association, USA). The leading educational institutions use the same programs which respond the modern terms of hospitality.
KG: What kind of programs the Academy provides?
V. M.: We provide different programs in our Academy of Tourism: secondary vocational education, you may take a bachelor's degree in tourism and hospitality, also we have professional retraining, partnership programs, language courses. Part of our programs are good for students of 9 and 11 forms, part of them good for students from Universities and colleges, programs for young people with High Education.
The College enrolls students to the following specialities:
€ Hotel Management €" 3-year study on the basis of 9th form and 2-year study on the basis of 11th form; and
€ Food and Beverage Management €" 2-year study on the basis of 11th form.

Some of other specialities which are close to tourism and hospitality are in the implementation phase now.

KG: What are the most important points in educational process in Academy of Tourism?
V.M.: The main point is that we provide practical lessons in the largest hotels of Antalya. We pay attention for studying languages. The most important thing is that our teachers of English and Turkish are native-speakers. The wide range of communication skills on different languages opens new possibilities in making career.
KG: Victor Mikhailovich, does Academy have partnership programs with employees?
V. M.: Certainly, we have good contacts with hoteliers. Every year all our students take part in summer partnership programs from 4 till 6 months. Students are working in the best hotels on Antalya cost. During summer partnerships hotels provide students with accommodation and meals. Also, students are earning money. By the way, students can take part in International Internship programs. They can go in European countries or in USA. Work during partnership is very important as it gives chance to get invaluable experience, necessary skills in developing new career. Partnership is a chance to try yourself in adults life and chosen speciality. The final result for students after partnership programs is offering a job from employees.
KG: What type of diplomas the graduates get In Academy of Tourism of Antalya?
V. M.: All graduates getting 2 diplomas €" Turkish and American. Students with BA degree getting diploma of European University. By the ways 2 leading and well-known Universities are our partners €" University of Derby (UK) and International Hotel Management Institute (Switzerland). Students of Academy of Tourism have chance to receive Diplomas of these Universities here, in Antalya.
KG: All parents, of course, are worried about safety of their kids while studying abroad. What is situation here in Academy of Tourism of Antalya?
V. M.: Antalya €" is very safety and calm city. All citizens are very friendly and peaceful. And administration of Academy is doing everything to organize studying and leisure process on high level. All student live full life. They go sightseeing, take part in different clubs at Academy. They make their own activities. Our students have Educational Visa and residence permit, they live in a nice hotel residence on the cost of Mediterranean sea.
KG: What can you suggest school leavers which are thinking now to choose profession with Hotel Industry.
V. M.: that is really interesting profession, which open for you all world. Education in tourism sphere and hospitality help to create new prospects in developing career. Of course, Educational Institution is not a resort, but popular Antalian resort can be great school in making successful life and professional growth. Enroll in Academy of Tourism of Antalya.