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Club quarters hotels at US, UK offers mind blowing service for business or pleasure trips at really unbelievable rates.

Conventionally located in the heart of London (Newyork), Club Quarters is a full service based hotel for both business travellers in US and UK. The hotel has in all 7 centers in US, 3 in London and 4 in Newyork. It offers the best accommodations with great hospitality services for business travellers. The hotels offer a serene retreat in a relaxed atmosphere providing the guests with modern conveniences and luxurious amenities.

A good number of most popular club quarters hotel are located in Newyork which are situated close to the city center. They are also located close to public transport alternatives. The staff at these hotels is very helpful boosting first class amenities. You can expect great service and great rates, once you stay in Club quarters chain of hotels. The rooms are very clean and they all come with kitchenettes, micro-wave and mini fridge. Some of the complimentary services offered here include business center, high speed wireless internet access, 24 hours concierge service, private club living room with newspapers, coffee, tea and magazines. Some of the hotels in Newyork are also featured with LCD TV, complimentary breakfast, bedding and linens, refrigerator, alarm clock stocking etc.

Club quarters chain of hotels are also located at Washington, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia and many other. These hotels are featured with ample number of indoor and outdoor services, complimentary Wi-Fi, comfortable sitting areas etc. Standard guestrooms are an exclusive feature of hotels at Philadelphia which are equipped with docking stations, coffeemaker, workstation, direct dial phone etc. When it comes to accommodation, you have a choice of club size room, standard room and superior room to choose from.

All club quarters hotels are equipped with restaurant and bar which are opened for both public as well as guests. Other than this, you will find that these hotels are located in the heart of major city centers and are within a short distance of city's main attractions, shopping and great restaurants. Ample amount of amenities are offered to guests. Parking facilities are also offered to the guests.

Club quarters hotel at Chicago, Houston, London offer complimentary, washing, drying and laundry services including same day service. These hotels are located in prime downtown locations offering business oriented, user friendly, club like facilities at the lowest possible price. For making reservations in these hotels, you can use online reservation system to check availability of services and make bookings. Group meeting space, fitness room as well as greater security is offered to guests here. Another additional feature of these hotels is that it offers unique space for grand receptions as well as for many of the events surrounding the big day. Low cost hotel rooms, transportation and other customized arrangements with warm hospitality and privacy make Club quarters an ideal venue amongst business travellers. You can also book apartments provided by this hotel chain featuring world class luxurious facilities.

In the meantime, the existing operators lack effective media campaigns, therefore leadership can be won by participation in various worldwide programs and forums; to create visibility through indoor and outdoor advertising, audio- visual presentations and films, printed products (attractive leaflets, brochures, posters, hand-outs) and organize exhibitions, conferences and other events to promote the brand. There are a lot of other opportunities (like the International Sea Trade Shipping conferences and conventions, various trade shows and fairs, and so on).

Competitive Environment

Consumer profiling: In 2008 the Indian government approved the Cruise Shipping Policy in order to develop the country both as Source and Destination Market, to stimulate cruise ship calls and passenger arrivals in a sustainable manner. Further on, demographic characteristics of the Indian population are highly favorable for the development of the cruise tourism. As cruise is not a cheap entertainment, this sector is highly dependent on the nation's incomes and paying abilities. In 2004 the amount of the people referred to the middle class made up more than 150 million, while there are more than 200 rupee millionaires. It is also reported that 22% of the Indians spend more than $2000 per trip when they travel abroad, and thus tourism here is the third highest revenue-generating market.

Winning Consumers: To make the potential consumers switch from the existing operators, the new agent should have strong advantages. Many current complaints are connected with the harassment at the ports and other discomforts faced by the clients due to the lack of organization and order, lack of streamline clearance and baggage services at the customs. One of the methods to improve the situation is to provide more electronic equipment for dealing with all that passenger stuff in order to simplify the procedures of control and pass.

Future Development

Potential of the Sector: The entry point, the first experience and thus the promotional platform of each cruise circuit is the cruise port. It is critical to create a positive image of a port when starting a cruise. The greatest potential for cruise tourism is probably possessed by the ports of Kerala, Goa and Chennai. However, Indian ports are just the factor which needs to be revolutionized in order to make the road for the cruise business free. Ports are naturally the core infrastructure requirement of the cruise tourism sector, and the Indian ports have to be improved to meet the international standards. Passenger services and commodities, linkages, conveniences, and amenities for the cruise tourists should fit the standards, and this condition is almost lacking today in India. The imperative for stimulating incomes in cruise tourism is to develop quality cruise terminals first of all.

Ecotourism and rural tourism, both becoming popular at the moment, but still they lack in investors and researchers. These two sectors are now at the priority platform in India and they are found highly attractive for foreign tourists, so it would be highly beneficial to apply their opportunities in the development of cruise traveling and tourism.