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The dolphin is a species with very high intelligence. Some people think that they are even more intelligent than humans! But let's leave that debate for the scientists. One thing that is sure is that dolphins enjoy contact with humans and humans enjoy contact with dolphins. While you are in Florida you can either swim or wade with dolphins by taking a special getaway tour to the Florida Keys.

If you are staying in Orlando you can schedule a two day tour that departs from Orlando. If you are a good swimmer and comfortable in water that is over your head then you might want to try the dolphin swim tour organized by Florida Dolphin Tours. They conduct two day tours in which your contact with dolphins is guaranteed.

Here is how it works. It is a two day and one night excursion and transportation to and from the Keys is included in the tour. Pick up is scheduled at some of the big hotels and motels in the greater Orlando area.

Your swim with dolphins will take place either on the first afternoon of the tour or on the next morning. The dolphin swim takes place in an ocean water lagoon that is 15 feet deep. A floatation vest must be worn during the swim, no matter how good a swimmer you are.

The program lasts about two hours and begins with an educational briefing about the general nature of dolphins as well as information about the particular dolphins that you are going to meet.

After the educational briefing two people at a time enter the water along with two trained dolphins and usually the dolphins will greet you with kisses, handshakes, water fights and similar playful behavior.

On the next day you are treated to an Everglades adventure tour in a swift airboat ride that will bring you in close contact with alligators. After the boat ride you will see an alligator and snake handling show. If you are brave you can hold an alligator or some snakes. The tour ends with a visit to Miami's Bayside shopping center where you can visit fashionable shops and restaurants.

If you are a non-swimmer you can still enjoy an encounter with the friendly dolphins. Florida Dolphin Tours introduced a dolphin wading encounter program during 2009. This program is similar to the deeper water dolphin encounters. Two people enter the water and meet two trained dolphins, who will greet you with a wide range of playful greetings. You will also learn how to make signals to the dolphins which will prompt them to sing and dance! All of this takes place in waist deep water and no swimming is required.