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(Hitchin, Hertfordshire)-- Reports from the real estate sector show a fresh coat of paint can generate a 10 percent ROI where property values are concerned. While this undertaking is among the least costly of home or business improvement efforts, industry experts note quality of the finish being used and overall workmanship play a deciding role in this figure. With this in mind, Ben Thompson of 30-year industry veteran Promain UK, Ltd. has launched the company's latest product range.

Said Thompson, "Adding a new finish to the interior and exterior of a home or business, as well as driveways, tennis courts and other features, can certainly increase the value of a property. Doing so also makes the property more appealing to passersby and potential buyers. We offer a number of high quality products designed specifically for this purpose."

Among the Promain lineup is the company's signature Centrecoat GS36 Fungicidal wash. Products of this nature are said to remove organic contaminants such as algae, mould, lichen and moss while also preventing future infestations. Priming surfaces with an anti-fungal solution before refinishing can be effective in improving the appearance of the surface in question as well as prolonging the life of the paint, sealant or glaze being applied after treatment.

The company's inventory also includes an array of Masonry Paint suitable for a variety of applications, one of which is Rustoleum Mathys Murfill Renovation Paint. An elastomeric matte paint, this product may be used in residential or industrial environments and is designed to provide corrosion resistance. Additionally falling into the masonry category is Bedec Extra-Flex paint, best suited for exterior use on roughcast, pebble-dash, brickwork, cement and concrete. Comprised of flexible materials, this product is designed to stretch up to 400 percent, preventing cracking caused by normal structural movements.

In the Floor Paint division, Promain offers Rustoleum EpoxyShield ULTRA 5200 to be used on garage and workshop floors. This paint is resistant to vehicle fluids, common household chemicals and heavy traffic. The company likewise carries Sikafloor Garage for concrete and prepared power floated floors such as those found in garages, warehouses and car parks.

Concluded Thompson, "We're dedicated to matching the best paints and surface coating technology with the very best levels of service, giving our customers the highest quality, longest lasting materials for property improvement and maintenance. Those are only a few of the products in our inventory. We encourage property owners to visit our website to view our entire lineup, and our support team is always on hand to answer questions or offer advice."

About Promain UK, Ltd.:

Promain are an industrial paint supplier in the UK offering a range of paints and coatings for the home, trade and industrial sectors.


Are you interested in playing casino but don't have any idea on how to play any of it? Or perhaps you wished to try another exciting casino game apart from the typical game you play? Playing roulette will be a good option if you are dealing with these issues. Thus, if you want to learn how to play roulette, you should visit and also you'll definitely take advantage of this article.
Small Information about the History of Roulette
It was Blaise Pascal, a French physicist, innovator and math wizzard, who presented roulette in 1665. The word "roulette" simply means a small wheel in French word. Originally, Pascal is attempting to develop a perpetual motion device and not a casino game. However, he failed with his experiment and on the second year, the invention is presented in casino and was titled roulette. Today, the game is a popularly known across the world, especially in Europe and America.
Roulette Rules and Betting System
There are two types of roulette bet, the inside and outside bet. Inside bet is one of the classifications of roulette bet that includes the square bet, split bet and the straight bet wherein you should predict the specific number where the ball stops or a bet which simply within the range of numbers inside the roulette table. There will be a greater chance to win on outside bet due to the higher range of numbers that you can pick from. The Column Bets, Dozen Bets, Red or Black, Even or Odd are the bets which are considered as outside bets.
Different colors of table chips are used by other casinos to indicate the outside and inside players. Every set of roulette game includes a specific amount of minimum and maximum bets. The players could place their bets while the dealer spins the wheel and cast the ball, until the dealer declares "no more bets" or "rein ne va plus". The time the winning number is determined, the dealer will place a mark on the winning number. For as long as the marker is still on the table, no bets are allowed to be placed or removed. This is the perfect time for the dealer to get all the losing bets and give payouts to the winner. The marker is removed instantly after the dealer has given the payout and gamers can put a new bet to begin another game.
What is the Most Effective Roulette Strategy
It's already over 300 years where roulette is introduced in casino. With longs many years of playing, players have come up with enormous strategies on how to win roulette. Some of them are effective and some are not.  If there is a roulette strategy that comes to be effective, that is the Martingale. This method was launched during 18th century, which relies on doubling of the bet after a loss in a 50/50 chance game. By doing this, the player will be able to recover all the previous loses along with a small profit.
Playing a roulette wheel is often about the player's luck. But if you genuinely wish to play and win roulette, it is important to know the fundamentals of playing the game.