Creating Great Business with Clients

I recently just got a great promotion within my company. I was just a salesperson that was helping other people decide what type of plumbing fixtures they should have in their bathrooms and kitchens. I really enjoyed helping people choose the best fixture for their lifestyle but it was hard to make a decision for them when they wanted you to. I was going to have to start making arrangements for our clients when they came into our showroom and even use a Toronto limo bus company that would pick up the clients at the airports when they landed. We are a very high end fixture company and work with a lot of the best interior designers in the country, so it is important to get them into our home office and main showroom so that they can play with the different fixtures, to give them an idea of how their clients would like to have our products.

I have always liked working with people and have made a lot of good contacts with our high end designers, so I knew that I would be really good at scheduling all of their travel plans when they came to us. I thought that people were going to be very hard to schedule to get in to see us but that was not the problem, many people were willing to come in once they heard that I got the promotion. I had clients coming in to see us a few months away, and my boss and owner could not even believe how many clients were booked throughout the weeks to come in. They also gave me a great stipend to take them out to eat when it was time to feed them. I knew this was a great opportunity for me and my family.